700g Strong Wheat Flour
300g Stone-Ground Flour
900g Water
200g Sourdough Starter Optional
20g Yeast
20g Salt
15g Bread Improver


  1. Mix together all the dry ingredients
  2. Add 600g of the water and mix it well
  3. Add the sourdough starter if you’re using it
  4. Gradually add the remaining water
  5. Add the yeast


30 minutes at 230°C for 300g pieces, 10 minutes of steam.


At 90% hydration, this bread is very wet. Using a kneading machine is recommended as this recipe requires quite a long kneading.

Start by mixing together all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add 600g of the water and mix until the water is well incorporated. At this point, if you’re using sourdough, you can mix it in as well.

Continue adding the remainder of the water bit by bit, mixing well in-between.

Knead until passed the Windowpane Test, add the yeast and incorporate it. Divide into pieces and shape them into long, wide batons.

Cook in the oven for 30 minutes at 230°C with steam for the first 10 minutes of the cooking.

Let the loafs cool down on a wire rack.